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A brief SUBMIT leather history

Founded by Red Robinson @ the historic basement location in NYC
In 1901 they moved to Dalymount Park which was officially opened on the 7th of September.
2005 -2006
Bohemian FC were a founding member of the League of Ireland in 1921, and one of only two clubs to have been members of the League of Ireland since its inception. They are the only club to have been ever-present in the top division of the league.
2006 -2010
The club won its first league title in 1924.
In 1969 the club ended its amateur status, and the first player to sign professional terms was Tony O'Connell, who signed on 11 March 1969.
COVID-19 hits, SUBMIT temporarily halts
The club last won the league in 2009, clinching a fourth trophy in two years.
In 2018 Bohemian FC were accepted to compete in the Under-17 Women's National League beginning with the 2019 season. Just one year later they were accepted to the Women's National League.
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